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Many wind farm owners and organizations have installed wind turbines manufactured by different OEMs. These wind turbines require regular maintenance and repairs during their entire lifetime. The annual maintenance charges for these multi-make turbines with various OEMs are expensive and varying. Tracking the same with different service providers may be time-consuming and exhaustive.

The maintenance and repairs undertaken by a single service provider may prove to be more beneficial in terms of cost-effectiveness and performance of the turbines in the long run.

Amar Green Energy provides extensive rotating equipment services, including the capabilities and knowledge in the overhaul, rewind, and mechanical repair of wind turbine generators. Our expertise, network, and around-the-clock services provide fast and flexible repairs, maintenance, and upgrades for your motors, generators and electric control panel systems.

We have extensive experience servicing equipment from various manufacturers that enable us to implement comprehensive turbines, motors and generators testing and precision repairs that meet OEM standards.

Generator Service

Generator failures may include:

Our mechanical and repair services for wind turbine generators include:

We maintain a broad inventory of repair parts. Ready Stock allows us to quickly complete turbine repairs.

The replacement parts we stock include:

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