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Global Specialist Supplier of Wind
Turbine Spare Components

With over three years of industry experience, Amar Green Energy is committed to addressing the significant challenges within the wind turbine parts sector. Our primary focus is on developing innovative products and solutions to optimize the performance, reliability, and serviceability of wind turbines.Through close collaboration with wind farm owners, we support their repowering initiatives by efficiently procuring and delivering essential inventory. Our streamlined processes ensure that critical components are readily available, facilitating seamless project execution within tight timelines. This exemplifies our dedication to minimizing downtime for wind farm owners during repowering projects.

Amar Green Energy demonstrates its commitment to renewable energy by offering expertise in both wind and solar energy solutions. While specializing in wind energy, we also excel in commercial solar installation projects, seamlessly integrating solar energy solutions into our offerings.

Experience the seamless synergy between wind and solar energy at Amar Green Energy. These complementary forces harmonize, creating a resilient and adaptable energy environment. Together, we leverage their combined potential to propel our clients towards a sustainable future.


Our Vision

To become the trusted green partner striving for an overall reduction in carbon footprints through the renewable energy industry.


Our Mission

To provide high quality engineered components, equipment, and world-class service to the renewable energy industry. Our business model is geared towards a sustainable future by helping reduce climate change.

Design & Development

We take a technological approach to designing and developing various components and spares. No component is considered in isolation and is customised to fit into different topologies and architectures of wind turbines. We have capacities that could provide the greatest quality at minimum delivery time.

Are you looking for a specific product?

Our dedicated team of experts are always available to help you design and develop the perfect product that suits your Wind Turbine requirements.